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AllsenzA Plant Sales & Promotions

Louis van Dijk of AllsenzA arranges the sales of plants that are available all year round on behalf of a group of nurseries. He finds the most suitable markets for their carefully grown products and the buyers that operate on these markets. The sales are always done in consultation with the nurseries and the buyers.

Practical and strategic support

Louis operates independently. He is specialised in the potted plant sector and knows the market well. He has many years’ experience and an extensive network which he uses to provide his clients with practical and strategic support. These include sales and market support, developing sales strategies and developing new concepts. Louis looks for novel and dynamic concepts that meet the demand throughout the chain.

Your product in the spotlight

As Louis regularly visits the nurseries and the buyers in his network, he is in constant communication with both parties and always knows the latest developments. He can quickly respond to situations as they arise. Apart from doing the acquisition and issuing thorough detailed quotations, Louis attends all the horticultural trade fairs in the Netherlands, sometimes with a stand, to put your product in the spotlight.

If you would like to bring your product and sales to the next level, Louis is the right person to help you think through your strategy.

Louis van Dijk

AllsenzA means:


Quality in every market sector


Collaboration throughout the chain


Launching of novelties


Concepts for different sectors

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